"2 Week Strategy To Gain Muscle Mass Quickly"

There are many ways to gain muscle mass quickly.  Although gaining dry muscle takes a considerable amount of time you can still make substantial gains in lean muscle mass by using some advanced techniques.  Don’t be fooled and think that this is a long-term approach.  The techniques I am about to share with you today should only be used on occasion on for a special event that you have planned.  The more muscle mass you have on your body the better this plan will work.

The key to gain muscle mass quickly is first and deplete your body and then use a rebound stage to increase muscle mass and glycogen storage.  There are few supplements and manipulations at a required but nothing too complex.

The Plan:

The following is a 2 week plan to look your best for one specific day. It starts 14 days away from the day you want to be ready. Get ready to learn a strategic way of peaking.


If you want to gain muscle mass quickly I suggest loading with Creatine.  Creatine has many benefits associated with muscle building and one of those benefits is the fact that it helps the poll water within the muscle and increase volume within the muscle cell. 

For the first week, begin Creatine loading with 5 grams spaced out over 4 different times. The Creatine will help pull more water in the muscle and also help with keeping your muscles hard and strength levels from declining.

Week 1:

For the first seven days, you will deplete your glycogen and fat cells. Perform cardio every AM and weights in the PM. Weights should be done for 2 days then take a 1 day break and repeat.

Your carb intake should only be 50 grams each day. Protein intake should be 2x your bodyweight and fats should be about 50-70 grams.  Try and have no sodium during this time as well.


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Week 2:

During week 2, you will continue depleting for carbs for the first 4 days. Keep the same amounts as you did in week 1. Keep loading on Creatine and continue cardio and weights. However, on Day 7, start to consume about 3-4 grams of sodium per day for 3 days (Day 7-5).

Then from Day 4 to Day 1, cut sodium out completely. Days 4, 3, 2 (day 1 being the peak day) drop your protein intake to about 150 grams per day and increase carbs to about 500grams (more or less depending on your weight) for each day. This will help to replenish you depleted cells. You will want to cut back on water as well during this time. Typically week 2 you should drink about 5 litres each day, then from days 7-2 you should taper down your water intake consuming none after 4PM on day 2.

On the day of your peak, only sips of water, dry turkey and almonds while at the event.

This plan will help release subcutaneous water from the skin, tighten your skin and enlarge your muscles temporarily for that specific day. You will definitely gain muscle mass quickly

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Joey Vaillancourt is an expert on how to gain muscle mass quickly and has developped a highly effective program designed to build 10lbs of muscle in 5 weeks.

He is an NSCA Certfified Personal Trainer and also the 2010 FAME Central Fitness Model Champion.

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