Bones To Buff
Enticing Benefits List

This section was designed to give you, the affiliate, the opportunity to understand what the most 'Enticing' benefits that the Bones To Buff program offers that make it unique compared to other products on the
market today.

Even though the sales page showcases many benefits, the specific benefits
I will include on this page will be a bit more in-depth and offer a 'fresh' perspecitve of the program
from your unique selling point.

What follows, are key components of the product that will not only get the client great results, but it will create
that irresistible offer they just can't refuse.

My 'Former Fitness Googler' Story:

One of the best points that you should address when you are marketing the Bones To Buff program is to make sure and include my 'Former Fitness Googler' story.

Simply explain to your customer/list and make them understand I was not so different from them.

You do not need to go into great detail but some points you should touch on are the following:
- Did not start off as a trainer or muscle building expert.
- Used programs he found on the internet in the beginning
- Was a major hardgainer
- Learned from his mistakes through trial and error
- Became a certified trainer
- Went on to become a Champion Fitness Model
- Released a program designed from his unique perspective of being a former fitness googler as well as
the accumulation of his formal education designed to build 10lbs of muscle or more in 5 weeks or less.

Key Components of Bones To Buff:

Here are the top selling points for the program package that you should highlight when promoting:

- Main Promise - 10lbs in 5 Weeks

- Absolutely no guess work
for the client as he is equipped with meal plans, workout sheets, video
demonstrations, progress tracking sheets and a caloric calculator.

- 5 Week Cycle incorporates several training phases within the 5 weeks
so that the body continually adapts to the stresses and is forced to grow new muscle tissue

The Training Phases Are:

Week 1: The Priming Phase
Week 2: The Oxidative Phase
Week 3: The Glycolytic Phase
Week 4: The Phosphagen Phase
Week 5: The Combinational Triad Phase

By continually varying the way in which the body produces energy via the 5 training phases, the program is successful in keeping the client growing without plateau.

- 5 Week Cycle includes Anabolic Growth Triggers designed to compliment each phase of the program
and promote even more muscle gain

The Anabolic Growth Triggers Are:

Week 1: 20 Rep Squats
Week 2: Dropset Training
Week 3: Superset Training
Week 4: Advanced Rest-Pause Training
Week 5: Forced Production Overload Training

By including a specific Anabolic Growth Trigger in each week, the client continues to progress by pushing his body to adapt to the new AGT's and energy demands.

I like to think of this technique as 'Planned Muscle Confusion', although I dont particularly like that term, it is still useful in explaining how the Bones To Buff program functions.

The real magic happens in week 5 when the client is 'forced' to progress and beat their personal best's from Week 1 as it is the same training.

There are 3 Forced Production Overload methods to choose from. Depending on the exercise or simply what the person feels comfortable with, they can choose whichever FPO they want so long as they apply an FPO to at least 1 set per exercise but preferably more.

- 5 Week Cycle can be re-used again and again and the book explains how to re-use it properly to
continue to see progress in each 5 week cycle.

- The meal plans cover every day of the 5 Week Cycle. Everything from the amount of food required
for each meal and grocery lists so the user knows exactly what to purchase for the upcoming week.

- The Forced Production Overload training that is included in week 5 will be the sure fire way of beating your personal best's from the previous weeks.

This technique allows the client to choose way in which
he wants to progress in each exercise by choosing a specific Force Production Overload method.



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