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What Makes My Blood Boil At The Gym Pt. 1 of 2

December 12, 2009 by Joey Vaillancourt · 16 Comments 

Ok its time for a bit of a venting session.


For anyone who knows me, they might say I am a shy, quiet, honest, hard working guy.

And if they really know me, they would know that every now and then my temper can get the best of me :)

It hasnt been easy, but over the years I gained more control over my temper.

But there are still times when somethings push me over the edge a little bit…

The other day while I was at the gym I finally snapped…

Not literally, but in my mind I was just cursing up and down.

I feel like I need a venting session.

Here goes.

To be more specific I want to vent about all the things that piss me off about people at the gym.

This is not to say I am perfect and that I dont get on other people’s nerve’s but dammit, some people just go too far.

Here is my top 10 list of blood boilers at the gym.

After you are finished reading, go check out my 5 part mini-series on the ‘Blood Boilers, Gym Agitations’

The ‘I am there…even though I am not’

I dont now how many times I have entered the gm floor psyched up and motivated for a great workout session and even happier because the bench I wanted was free. You see I go to a pretty small gym in comparison to other big chain gyms, so sometimes its hard getting the exact piece of equipment you want. Not always but it feels like a break when its free.

So what do I do?

I sit down on the bench, begin loading the weights when all of a sudden some dude comes runnig up from across the gym to say ‘hey man’ Imthere actually’ and I say ‘no actually you were over there, and I am here’.

No just kidding, we usually work it out. but cmon guys, mark your territory better. Leave a towel, a water bottle any sign that you are actually at that machine.

The ‘I need everything circuit trainers’

Theres always at least one person that does this. They are doing circuit training which I am cool with. Thats ok, do what you gotto do, but dont over do it. Sometimes they have over 12 different stations set up and heaven forbid you try and get in while there off on another machine.

They’ll come back as quick as lightning strikes.

The ‘Conversationalist’
We have all seen them…a peron does one set of something, walks away or stays and talks for like 5-10 minutes with someone else about anything and everything.

Do they understand that the gym is not primarily designed for socalizing?

Well at least it shouldnt be. Thats what bars or night clubs are for.

When people are paying good money to be in a facility for a specific reason, like myself, we first of all dont care about listening to others conversations and second of all, I dont want to feel like I am ‘interrupting’ if I need that piece of equipment.

The ‘Cell Phone Junkie’
Click Here for Funny Vid for the ‘Blood Boiler’ Series
Put the phone away. Work and friends can wait. You look ridiculus. You would never see a pro athlete in a gym chatting up a storm while training would you?

 And if you dont care about that, at least show some respect for others. Believe it or not, no one wants to overhear your big time conversations your having with some head honcho.

The ‘Gawkers’
Maybe its just me, but I cannot stand when people consistently ‘gawk’ at me.

It happens all the time. I am not sure of the exact reason why, but I constantly catch people looking at me while performing a set of something.

Maybe its because I actually SWEAT while working out, or because I do my exercise with INTENSITY.

For whatever reason, there is nothing worse I find then having peering eyes on you while you are going for broke on a set. Thats just me.

Part 1 over.

Part 2 coming soon…

Joey Vaillancourt


16 Responses to “What Makes My Blood Boil At The Gym Pt. 1 of 2”
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