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The Program That Started It All – 30lbs in 5 Months

December 21, 2009 by Joey Vaillancourt · 7 Comments 

Hey Everyone,

With your permission I would like to share with you my own personal story about how I got my start in fitness.


If you have been keeping up with my personal background, you would
know that I didnt graduate as a personal trainer.

I actually graduated with an Electronics Technologist degree.

So back then, just like you, I was always searching for the answers to my questions
I had about building muscle, burning fat and just getting a better looking body.


Being a skinny guy made this task especially hard.

It seemed that the advice I would get from others only applied to the genetically gifted people.

I continued to struggle for a long time making some gains, then quickly losing them.

Over time I became frustrated and obsessed by it. I was determined to find the answers.

Now at about this time I actually met a girl who was completely out of my league.

I mean I had no business even speaking to this particular girl I had met at a party.


For some unexplainable reason, she talked to me! After the night was over, she even
gave me her number! Talk about good luck. I was on top of the world. I pursued her
and was insistent on getting her to date me. It was hard work but well worth it and
I am happy to say that today we are still together.


After getting her to date me, I actually felt self conscious about myself.

I started to have doubts about my personal appearence. I mean after all, I wanted to make sure I kept this amazing woman and that meant I needed to start looking physically better than any other guy or at least matching any competition.

I know it sounds a bit vain, but I think its safe to say everyone wants to keep up that desire in the other person. Especially if the person you are with is a complete knockout.

So I made a decision that I would find the answer to building my better body and pursue it 100% commmitment.

Then it happened…

I was searching on the internet. It seemed like a last resort, but turned out to be the best source for fast and effective information (once you filter through the garbage).

I found this guy named Vince Delmonte. I had no clue who he was or what made him special, but I found he was offering exactly what I wanted at the time. A new body in 6 months, complete with 40lbs of muscle.

I purchased his program for what seemed like a large sum of money at the time (I think it was about $97). Now I would have paid 10x that amount knowing what it would bring me today.

This program answered everything I wanted:
- How many calories to eat
- Complete workouts for a full 6 months
- Meal plans
- Exercise description
- 48 hour instant question response
- and an 8 Week money-back guarantee

No Nonsense Muscle Building


Now I started the program, and at first it seemed overwhelming. This is the catch 22 of wanting to have all the answers. I asked and I received, but it was a lot of information. I eventually absorbed it all and I have been better for it ever since.

I started gaining muscle every single week. More muscle in a month than in my entire previous years of training. I learned what it took to gain muscle and continue gaining it.

Now I went through about 5 months of aggresive bulking and I went from about 180lbs to 215lbs in that time frame.

In total I gained about 30lbs of pure muscle and very minimal amount of fat.

It felt great. People were noticing how Buff I looked and how much I filled out.

Joey 215lbs
(This was a picture taken at Christmas right after my transformation…the cute guy on the left is my nephew Keegun)

I cant fully explain with words just how good it felt to know that I was no longer hopeless in my quest to build muscle.

Not only that, but when I first bought the program, I was very skeptical of purchasing from the internet from a guy I had never met before. But you know what? Taking chances pays off some time.

And this time it paid off BIG!

Click Here to see for yourself: =>No Nonsense Muscle Building

I even ended up winning one of the Biggest Gainer Transformation Contests:
(You can actually see my picture on this page at the very bottom…check it out: => No Nonsense Muscle Building

Vince Delmonte (the author of the program) even sent me on a trip as a reward.

To win the competition I had to document my transformation with video: Check out the compilation I put together that showcased the highlites of the transformation:

=>Biggest Gainer Compilation Video

I felt more confident in my appearence and that even translated into every day life.

I also was more certain about my ability to keep the woman of my dreams in my arms and not someone else’s.

Alot has changed since that life altering program. As you may or may not know, I continued with transforming my body and with formal education to become a certified trainer.

I owe it all to Vince Delmonte and his No Nonsense Muscle Building Book.

Without a doubt.

Today I am good friends with Vince and I am still one of his top success stories. Heck, I even met Vince’s parents and his fiance.

So that’s my story on how everything changed when I purchased the program.

I hope this gave you a glimpse of the power of the online world!

When I started searching for a program to change my body, I did not plan on it completely changing my life. But it did and I am very thankful for that.

I feel this is too good of a program for people not to know about it. I wanted to share my experiences with you today so that you have the same opportunity I did 5 years ago.

I want you to feel strong, healthy, buff and confident.

I want you to have all your questions answered.

I want to be mentioned in your own success story after you transform your body.

This system is a step by step blue print to massive muscle gain.

No joke because I have actually experienced it!

Take advantage of this opportunity.

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Make it a Xmas present to yourself.

Start on new years and make it a resolution to get the body you deserve in 2010!

Its not every day you get an in depth look at the program and a real world users feedback, so dont pass this up.

One word of caution:

The page you are about to go to is LONG! At least thats how I felt when I first went there for myself. This is simply because Vince wants to make sure you know everything about the program before you buy so that you can feel confident about your decision.

Take it from me, its worth it. But if you are already convinced you want to take action and get it now you can simply scroll to the bottom.

No Nonsense Muscle Building

I also want to extend to you an invitation to ask me ANY question about the program you may have. I know how hard it is to decide on the program in the beginning and I would be happy to help out in any way I can.

Trust me, I know this program like the back of my hand and I can even help guide you along your journey.

Check it out today. Dont miss out and let some other buff guy get your girl’s attention.

Click the link below

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Committed to helping you achieve the body you deserve,

Joey Vaillancourt


7 Responses to “The Program That Started It All – 30lbs in 5 Months”
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