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January 2010

Photoshoot Prep. Jan 2010 – Day 1

January 31, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · Leave a Comment 

Hey guys,

Check out the final video blog for my photoshoot prep.

Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 4

January 27, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 10 Comments 

Wow, the countdown is on!

To tell you the truth, after last nights workout, I had a hard time leaving the gym. Not because I was sore or tired (I was both) but I felt surreal for a moment…the pain, the fatigue the hunger didnt matter because I felt so good for following through and giving it EVERYTHING I had. Seriously.

Then I wanted to make sure I really depleted my glycogen…

Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 5

January 26, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 21 Comments 

Today I thought I would film a quick video to go through some of the updates from the day.

My energy levels are low and typing is starting to get tough :)

 Here is the Video->


Also, here is the breakdown of the manipulations. Nothing really changed…tomorrow EVERYTHING is changing.

 Day 5

Talk to you soon,


Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 6

January 25, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 10 Comments 

Today was the 3rd day of the depletion cycle and even fewer carbs!

I am starting to feel the effects of the depletion stage big time today.

I had a hard time getting my butt out of bed at 6AM…I actually snoozed a couple of times. Not my best moment, but I am beat down!

I went to the gym and cardio was incredibly difficult to get through, but I did it.

I also hit…

Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 7

January 24, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 4 Comments 

Another day is nearly over and I have to say, I am definetly coping well with the 7 day prep so far.

In preperation for the the 7 days, I was actually dreading it, but now that it is here, its really not as bad as I thought it would be.

It is still hard though!

(Winter in Canada make cardio outside that much harder) winter

So last night I had all the best intentions…

Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 8

January 23, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 2 Comments 

The first day is nearly over and all in all it was a pretty good experience.

I woke up at about 6AM, had a coffee, took some fat burners, had my muscle saver drink (glutamine, BCAA and a small amount of protein poweder), then I did cardio in my home gym. Did about 26 minutes on the upright bike doing 1 minute intervals, then finished up and did 3 circuits of…

Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 9

January 22, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 26 Comments 

Tonight is the night before start my 7 day intense photoshoot prep for a shoot I have scheduled for next Saturday January 30th.

I am very tired tonight, but I am also excited, a little nervous and pumped for the next week. It is always a learning experience for me each time I perform the 7 day prep phase but I am confident this time I will be in my best…

Photoshoot 1 Week Away…

January 21, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · Leave a Comment 

Hey Everyone,

Quick body shot I took the other night. Only 1 week away from photoshoot.

The next week is going to be grueling and a test of will. I will be keeping a journal for each day.

I will outline my diet and training manipulations as well as photo progressions leading up to the photoshoot day.

This will basically be a practice run up to the April 17th competition :) Stay tuned!

January 2010











14 Weeks Till FAME 2010 Competition

January 16, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 8 Comments 

Well like the title says, the April 17th Cobourg Ontario FAME competition is only 14 weeks away as of today and I am getting very anxious and excited about it!

There is so much to learn! Honestly, you really can’t appreciate it until you have started to really dig deeper into what it takes to actually compete.

For myself, I am competing in the fitness model category because this is the best match…

Killer Ab Workout For Chiseling Your Midsection

January 8, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 25 Comments 

So you want to get Killer abs eh?

Dont we all!?

(This is probably the fastest way to get killer abs…I know this guy looks happy)abs

Seriously though, developping a good set of abs is one of the hardest things to do and there are many different factors at play out of your control that will determine just how much of a six pack you can get.

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