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Killer Ab Workout For Chiseling Your Midsection

January 8, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 2 Comments 

So you want to get Killer abs eh?

Dont we all!?

(This is probably the fastest way to get killer abs…I know this guy looks happy)abs

Seriously though, developping a good set of abs is one of the hardest things to do and there are many different factors at play out of your control that will determine just how much of a six pack you can get.

Lets go through some of these factors right now;

Now I dont like to blame everything on genetics because I believe that everyone can make really good progress no matter how bad your genetics are.

But I will warn you, your abs are somewhat determined by your genetic limitations. Basically its limited by what your body is capable of doing.

This is why there are some people who walk around sporting the six pack every day of their life without trying!

I dont know how many times I have seen people relying only on situps to get a rock hard midsection.

Unfortunately, situps and ab work alone will not get you to your goal of a six pack.

You see, you may already have a great set of abs, but if they are covered by a layer of bodyfat, you may never see their definition.

This should be a wakeup call right now to take your bodyfat if you never have done this before. I find my abs start to show at about 10-12% but they really pop when I get under 8%.

Those are the two biggest factors I find holds people back from a six pack.

So are we all doomed to never get a six pack? Hardly, and right now I want to share what does work for a six pack.

Now I will be the first to admit, I dont have a ‘cover of men’s health’ set of abs. I continue to improve on them, but my abs were never the best, in my opinion, but I do have them.

Now some people will tell you that you dont need to train your abs at all to see good defnition.

I am not calling them liars, but in MY experience, abs do need a high volume of work. That is what has got me my best results.

The last time I went through a fat cutting phase, I did minimal work (I just threw in a few sets at the end of a workout). At the end of the fat loss phase, I was down to 6%, but my abs were not as defined as I would have expected.

This time around, while I am cutting for competition, I trained abs 3x a week during my bulking phase, and am now training abs about 5x a week during my fat loss phase. I am also performing anywhere from 500-600 crunches approximately (crunches refer to any ab contraction whether leg raise or situp).

I am seeing alot better defnition and a nice center line dividing my abs now exists for the first time. I am at about 9.5% bodyfat and already have beeter definition than when I was at 6% last time cutting down.

Let me share with you what I am currently doing and how I plan on improving up to the competition.

*Keep in mind that I worked up to this number of reps. Do not try to complete this same number if you never have before. Just work up to it over time.

Circuit A 
Hanging Knee Raises  20
Cable Crunches (55lbs)  30
1 Arm Cable Side Crunch  15
Seated Twists (45lb bar) 25
Hyper Extensions  20
Circuit B 
Hip Raises Raises  25
Standard Crunch          30
Double Crunch          30
Lying Leg Raises  20
Plank 60sec

Circuit C 
Hanging Knee Raises  20
Crunches with 25lb Plate 15
Side Bench Bend/Situp  10
Hyper Extensions (45lb)  10

Total Sets: 3

I will rotate these ab workouts around so I keep challenging my body. Not only that, but I have made my goal to reach 50 reps for each circuit by the time of the competition.

So that means, each week i am adding in an extra rep or two to each set.
I also decrease the rest period to keep my training time shorter.

The abs are a quickly regenerating muscle group and can handle higher volume training. I also train abs with weights sometimes with lower reps. Change is always good.

The key no matter what you are doing (high or low reps) is to make sure to ‘contract’ the abdominals fully and not just go ‘through’ the motions. Make sure they are working!

This is what has worked well for me and I am sticking with it. Some people dont have to do any situps to keep or get their abs…but thats not me. I have to work them hard to get them to pop out!

Give the above circuits a try and get ready for a deep burn!

Let me know whats working for you as well.



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