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14 Weeks Till FAME 2010 Competition

January 16, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 8 Comments 

Well like the title says, the April 17th Cobourg Ontario FAME competition is only 14 weeks away as of today and I am getting very anxious and excited about it!

There is so much to learn! Honestly, you really can’t appreciate it until you have started to really dig deeper into what it takes to actually compete.

For myself, I am competing in the fitness model category because this is the best match for my body and build.

“The Fitness Model Search category is ideal for lean, fit, toned, athletic, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing individuals who wish to pursue a career as a fitness model, appear in magazines &/or aspire to compete in Fitness.”

I got that from the actual FAME site and its a pretty good summary.

since I am a ‘first timer’, Ill be in the Novice or Open category to compete.

There are so many things to consider when competing that I never even imagined.

For one, you have to tan alot! I mean you have to get super brown. and even after tanning for months, you still have to ‘paint’ yourself with a dark spray tan the night before the competition to get eevn darker.

This is because the lights really bring out any paleness and it takes away definition if your not dark enough. I learned all this from a conversation I had this past week with a friend who has done over 20 competitions in his career and he is a fitness model stud!

Not only that, but I have to…shave my entire body…eventually…this is going to be weird. But again, necessary because if you dont shave, the hair blurs the definition of whats under and you dont see the striations and cuts of your body. I might need to ask my girlfriend for help on this one :)

Ill go over more preperations as the competition approaches but now I want to take you through this week.

So two weekends ago, I had food poisoining (worse night ever!) and I lost a little weight because of it. Not cool. Especially when your preparing for a show.

But this week I had to force myself to get into a postitive mindset and just keep going. Life must go on ya know?

So I hit the gym again with full force. I had some really good workouts and I have never been this ripped before in my life! Seriously, I dont want to toot my own horn, but I was doing shoulder raises and I could see deep cuts and definition that surprised others as well as myself.

Thats just the way it is when you get to a certain body fat percentage. Your veins start popping, your muscle fill up when your eating properly and its a great feeling.

Over the week, I felt kind of depleted. Probably because the illness from the previous weekend was still dragging me down a bit. So on Wednesday, I had a ‘refeed’ meal. I mean I ate alot at this meal.
4 pieces of toast, brown rice, chicken, udos oil, almond butter, a banana and a ton of vegggies! I ate a bit too much, but I wanted to overload my body so I ‘replenished’ And guess what? it worked.

The next day I felt better that I had all week. Sometimes your body just needs a boost. This is a good lesson because before I would have just stuck to the diet and not refed, but this time I listened to my body and I am better for it now.

Overall the week was pretty hard and exhausting…my days start at 6AM and I am lucky if I am in bed by 12AM! The only down time is when I get to watch 15 minutes of Family Guy while eating my supper…then its all business, training and everything else!

But, every now and then something happens that makes it worth while!

I thought I would share this as inspiration to others and myself!

ok so I was at the gym last night actually, and I was TIRED! I mean just dead, but I had a workout planned and I wasnt going to skip it! I had already done cardio that morning so I didnt have much left in the tank.

Now I have been getting lots of gawkers sometimes staring at me in the past month, simply because I have lost over 20lbs of fat and I look so different. But it bugs me! And sometimes I feel insecure when they are looking at me.

So I was nearing the end of my workout (it was hamstringsm lower back and calf day) and I was debating whether to push to the end of to pack it in…

I finished a set of DBL deadlifts and I put the weights down and turned around to see this jacked guy talking to me and smiling…I had my mp3 on so I couldnt hear him.

I took the headphones off and asked him what he had said.

‘Man what did you do?’

‘Me: ‘What do you mean” I knew what he was talking about but I always like to approach it in this way. However, most of the time, people just say, ‘you lost weight eh?’

His reply ‘what did you do? How did you get so ripped, I saw your biceps in the mirror and they were huge!?’


This guy just made my day! It means alot coming from a person who knows something about fitness, and this guy had the body to prove it!

We went on to talk about what I did and how I changed and how I actually looked bigger, stronger and more muscular than when I was at a higer weight!

He thought I was about 180lbs when in reality I am at a ripped 165lbs right now! He couldnt believe it.  I couldnt believe it.

My hard work paid off big time and just when I was feeling low, this guy came and turned things around with his nice words.

He even went on to talk about how all the guys within our geographic area are all trying to just ‘get big’. But the problem with that is when you just ‘get big’, your gaining fat and muscle and the end outcome isnt a ripped buff body, but rather a big bulky body.

You might look ‘big’ in a shirt, but you dont look good without it! Its your choice, but he agreed and I agreed (and my girlfriend agrees) I look better at this weight then when I weighed close to 195lbs. And I actually look more muscular at 165lbs ripped vs 195lbs bulky.

Long story short, this guys comments gave me the extra fuel to get through that workout and even set some new personal bests.

And to him I say thank you!

Theres something to be said about people who dont have ego’s…they are confident and secure in their life and they are much easier and friendlier to get along with than all the other conceded egotistical people that swarm the gym these days.

Its funny how much a little goes a long way. All of a sudden after his comments, today i am in higher spirits and I have much more energy!

Today I am hitting chest and triceps and I am adding some cable work to work in definition of the inner chest beacuse in 2 weeks I have a very important photo shoot that I need to be prepared for.

Ill keep you posted on the days leading up to this as they basically resemble exactly what I need to do to get ready for competition.

Until then I want you to give a compliment today to someone you know deserves it. I dont mean give an empty compliment, but rather say something nice to someone about something you might have been holding back.

Trust me, you will brighten their day and you will feel better too :)



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