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Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 8

January 23, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 1 Comment 

The first day is nearly over and all in all it was a pretty good experience.

I woke up at about 6AM, had a coffee, took some fat burners, had my muscle saver drink (glutamine, BCAA and a small amount of protein poweder), then I did cardio in my home gym. Did about 26 minutes on the upright bike doing 1 minute intervals, then finished up and did 3 circuits of ab training.

Then I had my morning meal which was basically oats and protein powder.

Here is a breakdown of Day 8 with regards to all the different variables I am tracking over the week.

Day 8

I then decided to go back to bed to rest since I have not been able to get much of it in the last week.

Later on in the day, I hit the gym for my depletion workout. What a great workout that was! Upper body, circuit, with high reps and huge pumps. Seriously, I have never seen my chest so filled out and pumped up :)

The only downside to today was the excess water I had to take in (over 8 litres). I felt very bloated and water logged, and I actually gained a few pounds.

This led me to consider perhaps cutting out additional carbs from tomorrows daily intake (50, instead of 100g). I am also going to perform more intesne cardio in the morning and I plan on doing some slow cardio after my workout tomorrow. I want to make sure I am in peak condition for the photoshoot next Saturday.

Only 1 week left and every day counts.

I am going to post a picture tomorrow to show just how pumped I get from this insane circuit depletion workout.

Talk to you guys tomorrow,



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    Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 8 | Joey Vaillancourt Fitness…

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