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Photoshoot Prep Jan. 2010 – Day 7

January 24, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 4 Comments 

Another day is nearly over and I have to say, I am definetly coping well with the 7 day prep so far.

In preperation for the the 7 days, I was actually dreading it, but now that it is here, its really not as bad as I thought it would be.

It is still hard though!

(Winter in Canada make cardio outside that much harder) winter

So last night I had all the best intentions of getting up and going to run outside in the winter wonderland we have right now in Canada. I laid out all my clothing to stay warm and my other equipment. 5:50AM, my alarm sounded and I was in no mood at that point to go out in the harsh cold so I opted to do my cardio inside the comfort of my own home on my bike.

Now every now and then I find I have a hard time elevating my heart rate. I will do the exact same work intensity one day and it will sky rocket, and some days, it just doesnt seem to want to increase past a certain point. This is just an indicator that I need more rest. On top of that, all my cardio sessions are performed on an empty stomach with some BCAA and glutamine with a strong espresso shot or two.

After 20 minutes on the bike and not burning the amount of calories I wanted, I decided to follow through with my intial idea of heading out and running outside. I first finished up with an ab circuit.

AB Circuit

Exercise   Sets   Reps   Rest   Weight
Ab Crunches*   3   15-20   None   None
Lying Hip Raises* 3   15-20   None   None 
Oblique Curls*   3   15-20   None   None

Then, I put on my warm clothing and set off into the early morning, still pitch dark out, and booted it around the block for a quick 15 minute steady state run. This was the insurance to burning over 450 calories in total. I was pleased with that and happy I followed through. I felt like Rocky when he was training to fight Ivan Drago…Oh Rocky, your always there for me when I need you!

Rock Winter

Sometimes it can be simple to just wimp out, but I know right now every day counts. Especially right now. I only have 2 more cardio session and 2 more workouts to completely deplete my body of glycogen and burn maximal amount of fat. I have to give it all I have got.

Here were my fat loss meals for the day:

Meal One.  Meal Two:  Meal Three  Meal Four – PRE-WO Meal Five – PW Meal Six
Food Source Food Source Meal Three Meal Four Meal Five Meal Six
Oats Chicken Chicken Chicken Beef Rib-Eye Steak Egg Whites
Egg Whites Broccoli (Fresh) UDO’s Oil Brown Rice Brown Rice Almond Butter
UDO’s Oil Bok Choy  NO FOOD Green Beans (Fresh) Green Beans (Fresh) NO FOOD
LA Whey (per 100g) UDO’s Oil Broccoli (Fresh) Asparagus (Fresh) Bok Choy  
    Bok Choy  NO FOOD Spinach (Fresh)  

 I took in a little less carbs today, as I still feel like I am holding onto some unwanted fat.

Day 7

I actually took in maybe close to about 100 grams of carbs. The rest was consistent with the above table.

My Muscle Building Workout was pretty tough today. Yesterday I seemed to have lots more energy as I had just had a rest day the day before and I was fresh. Today, I am starting to feel the effects of lower carbs and being ‘depleted’ a bit. I started getting lactic acid build up faster in my sets and I was still sore from the day before. I had to actually drop the weights on some exercises.

I also didnt get that nice pump like I did yesterday, but then again today I feel a bit leaner so they both have their ups and downs.

I am not really worried about the pump in the gym, I just want that same pump when I start to carb load.

The trick is to completely deplete your body by performing hard intesne workouts and then use the rebound effect to load up on carbs that will fill your muscles with glycogen and supercompensate to look that much bigger!

The end is near and I am going to push that much harder tomorrow.

Ill keep you posted.

Wake up time tomorrow 5:45AM. Each day a bit earlier :)

Talk to you tomorrow,



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