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Las-Vegas, Wanderlei Silva and Snoop Dogg!

March 30, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 8 Comments 

Wow, what a weekend!

I am not kidding, I really didnt want to wait to share with you the stories I have but when I got back on Sunday night, I was simply too tired to take the time to write!

But now, I am unpacked, energized and ready to share some exciting announcements…

First, I want to tell you about VEGAS!


It was my first time going out to Las-Vegas.

I didnt really know what to expect but I had a good feeling it was going to be a lot of fun…and I was right.

I was down there hanging out with some other fitness Vince Delmonte, Mike Geary, Craig Ballantyne and so many more.

Joey and Vince

ok, ok I dont mean to be a name dropper but c’mon, how can I resist. These guys were my idols about 5 years ago and now I am lving their life! Thats pretty cool.

I am the baby of the group but I bring lots to the table and on top of sharing secrets with them, they also share tips with me that can only be learned from many more years of experience. I am definetly ahead of the learning curve.

There was lots of business time, but we did make time for fun.

Here are some of the highlites of the trip.

- Staying in the Monte Carlo
Just being in this hotel was pretty amazing. It was like a mini city with bright lights fine dining, night clubs and all the other things you might expect to see in Vegas.

- Wanderlei Silva
ok so I didnt actually get to meet Wanderlei Silva, but I did train at his gym in Vegas. A couple of buddies of mine and I walked through the doors to an amazingly equipped MMA gym that was filled with many young hopefuls.


There was sections for each different type of training platforms and ironically enough we were the only ones actually using the ‘gym’ area since none of us were ‘fighters’.

It worked out because there was lots of cool training equipment to use that was specifically in that gym to help train for fights. A lot of stuff that is not in normal gyms.

Even while on Vacation, you have to train (or at least I do). Check out the YouTube video on my calf training that I was doing that day. It’s paired with a weak point training exercise and it is a very HARD last exercise!

- Snoop Dogg
I am not a rap music fan, but nevertheless, Snoop Dogg is still SNOOP DOGG!


One of the main coaches of our group was kind enough to reserve our own private booth in a very exclusive night club called Haze within the Aria  Hotel.

There were drinks of all sorts, people in very expensive clothing, and the night club was on fire!

I kept my composure through the entire night as I was less than 3 weeks away from competition and I was not going to let loose and destroy all my progress. but i did enjoy a very expensive glass of red wine.

If any of you know me, you would know that this simply is not me. I am not a big partier and I dont place high value on materialistic kinds of things.

I am just a regular guy born and raised in the country (now live in the city of Ottawa) and I treasure family, friends and true happiness in my life.

But it is still cool to say that I was in the same night club that Snoop Dogg made a special appearance.

After a long weekend, and an even longer flight, I am happy to say I am home.

I missed my girlfriend and my two dogs and the more laid back lifestyle I can only find at home.

It is also much more comfortable to be at home when preparing for a fitness competition.

There will be no more worrying about where I can get my next ‘healthy meal’ or ‘will I have time to workout…’.

No I can say now that I am back on track and in line with my competition prep and I feel much more at ease.


So as you may or may not be aware, users around the globe have been crushing it with my new program Bones To  Buff.

And why not? For those people who actually want to make a change, they are provided with the exact plan to build muscle each and every week without fail.

BUT there is more…

You see, with summer fast approaching I am getting some people asking if they should lose fat or gain muscle to look their best.

That is a very good question and my advice to most people who cannot see their abs at the moment is to start leaning down a bit until you can see some ab definition THEN start to gain muscle .

There is something called a lean threshold whereby at a certain body fat percentage (around 10-15%) you will look more muscular than if you weighed more at around 18-20%. Does that make sense?

lean threshold
(this is an example of that lean threshold…I find i look morem muscular in the second photo even though i am about 20lbs lighter!)

The less bodyfat, the more cuts and definition will show up.

That is why for those people that want to lose some fat before the summer, I am including an Update Bones To Buff program that will feature a new Bonus.


I am going to include the exact workout and nutrition plan that I am using to lean down for my competition along with the regular Bones To Buff program.

You dont have to be a fitness model or preparing for competition. This can be used by anyone who just wants to look their best possible in only 4 weeks.

You will get an entire 4 Week Fat Loss Program for FREE just by purchasing an already great program.

This is my gift to you for being loyal followers.

So basically you could lose the fat, then start to build muscle with the same program.

I am only going to include this BonusFat Loss Program until my competition on April 17th 2010.

After that, it will not be part of the regular package anymore.

In fact, in a couple of months, you may have to purchase this muscle gain program by itself.

I have achieved REALLY AMAZING results with this program and I want you to take advantage of this limited time offer (2 weeks and 5 days left).

Remember, I am going to share with you how to…

- ‘Look’ more muscular and more ripped
- How to eat for maximum fat loss in minimal time
- How to traing for maximum fat loss and preserve hard earned muscle

You will be blown away by what you can achieve in 4 weeks.

Stay connected for more details.

Finally I want you to comment on your VEGAS EXPERIENCE if you have one.

Also COMMENT about what you would do if you have never been to VEGAS and you finally got the chance!

Look forward to hearing from all of you :)



8 Responses to “Las-Vegas, Wanderlei Silva and Snoop Dogg!”
  1. Chris Chris says:

    Vegas sounds and looks awesome, i have yet to go there but its on my list of things to do before im 30. Im currently 26 so that gives me time to save up.

  2. Joey Vaillancourt Joey Vaillancourt says:

    Chris, Vegas is very fun! Definetly check it out one day.

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