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My Next 5 Week Transformation Using Bones To Buff

May 1, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 25 Comments 

Hey Everyone,

Its the weekend and I have some exciting news for you…

But first…

Hopefully you all had a very positive fulfilling week and now you can let go a bit an enjoy some much deserved time off.

I know I am…well maybe a little bit of work :)

I appologize for not updating the site as much over the last few weeks, but the competition set me back a bit and I needed to catch up on many things, but I am now getting caught up and am back in the game baby!

The week following the competition, I was a bit lost. After you have adapted to a specific routine with a target goal and everything you do basically revolves around it, going cold turkey is hard.

I forced myself to just eat whatever I wanted (I still kept it healthy but I indulged a bit) and I stopped training for a full week to give my body the necessary rest.

My body went through a bit of a rebound as it normally does after restricting calories for  so long. I have gained a few pounds back but its ok becaus eI feel healthier and I look more filled out…

Plus, my girlfriend didnt like the ‘Veiny’ look and because I have filled out a bit, my vascularity is less prominent.

This week I was back in the gym, and I am increasing my calories gradually. You see, when I was dieting for the competition, I was taking in about 1800 calories give or take a few.

Now I want to start progressively build muscle again so I have to increase my caloric intake to 3000 calories in order to be in a surplus to allow for muscle growth.

The problem? Well if I jumped from 1800 to 3000 in one day, let alone a week, my body will most likely not be able to handle the influx and I will start to store bodyfat! Not good, especially after working so hard
at getting lean.

Thats why I am progressing my calories from 1800-3000 over the course of 3 weeks. Small changes are better will coax the body instead of forcing changes upon it.

I am not really starting from 1800, but rather my starting point is 2400.

My strength will slowly start to increase over the coming weeks as well. I am looking forward to that, because by the end of my fat loss cycle, I was losing a bit of strength because of lower calories resulting in lower energy.

The Exciting Part Now!

I released my Bones To Buff program probably at the wrong time to be honest. You see, I was doing fat loss, which will get better visual results, but I was definetly not going to get any more buff while trying to lose fat. Thats just accepted.

But now that the competition is over (and did I mention I won :-) )I am ready to start to build muscle again!

Its time to get buff!

Now in the past, I have used the Bones To Buff Program Principles to gain substantial amounts of muscle.

The main difference this time, is I want to gain ‘clean mass’ which means I dont want to gain as much fat.

Without going into too much detail, just know that when you are trying to bulk up or put on muscle, some fat gain is accepted so I am not saying I wont gain a bit of fat, but this time around I want to pack on cleaner weight resulting in a little slower results but much less fat accumulation.

So what does this all mean to you?

I am going to be filming a 5 week documentary of myself going through one 5 week cycle of the Bones To Buff program, to prove just how effective it is and how much muscle gain can happen within 5 weeks!

I will be showcasing bits and pieces of the workouts, cardio, ab training and the right habits to form.

You will get an inside view of my life while doing this transformation.

I am really excited to be doing this.

The pressure will be on and thats good because after the competition, I didnt know what would give me that motivation I needed. Its hard getting back into it sometimes, but I want to prove how well the Bones To Buff program works. I am going to be the guinea pig.

Now keep in mind, I am going to be progressively building muscle instead of bulking. You can do either one using the program and its your choice.

If you are very skinny and desperately need muscle, then I would suggest just bulking hard! I did it before and it works very well and the amount of muscle you gain is worth the bit of fat that comes with it.

But since I am already satisfied with my physique and I really just want to add a little bit more muscle to be completely satisfied (for now at least), I will be taking a more conservative approach.

But once again, I teach both ways in the program.

Now the important part…

I need your opinion!

Seriously, I am here to help everyone and as many people as I can.

I value your comments, questions and support. Without you guys, I would not be able to follow my passion and do what I love.

I have an idea of what I want to document in my videos, but I also want your ideas.

What do you want to see in the transformation videos?

Nutrition? Workouts? Anything specific? Cardio sessions?

Please let me know your 1 best idea and ill be sure to try to include it in my 5 week transformation documentary.

Be sure to subsribe to my YouTube channel to get instant updates or find me on Facebook!

Here for you,


ps. Watch for my Week 1 Videos to be uploaded next week.

pps. Also, my photographer sent me an update and I should be getting the FAME Competition photos back next week too. I will be posting them on the blog and would love to get your feedback :)


25 Responses to “My Next 5 Week Transformation Using Bones To Buff”
  1. MarkSpizer MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!

  2. Joey Vaillancourt Joey Vaillancourt says:

    @MarkSpizer – Thanks Mark

  3. sg sg says:

    I would like to see your workouts and your cardio sessions.

  4. Bill Bill says:

    Hi Joey,

    Rockin’ post !!! Have always received great information I can use from you, and looking forward to seeing more training, nutrition, and daily planning videos and posts too. Especially covering situations of planning training and nutrition during traveling and vacations.

    Keep up the Super Work Joey, looking forward to using your material to Achieve my 2010 goals !!

    A Great Day begins with a Great workout !!!


  5. Joey Vaillancourt Joey Vaillancourt says:

    @Bill – Thanks Bill! Appreciate your comment and I am happy you are liking the posts..noticed you wanted more travelling nutrition planning and I am not sure if you had seen the article I wrote about essential preperations for travelling or not…but if you didnt read it yet, you should!

    It should help you out :)

    If there is anything else specific you want to see, I am all ears!

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