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Why Do You Want Muscle?

May 25, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 209 Comments 

Last night, I was completing a small framing project that showcased a sort of collage of pictures and momentos from my win at the 2010 FAME Central Championships.

As I sealed up the back of the frame and hung it on the wall, I took a step back and peered at the picture frame for about 2 minutes in complete disbelief…

Was that really me? Did I really do that?

FAME Competition

The last few years still feel like a dream to me…

After having put on 30lbs of muscle and losing about
10lbs of fat while doing my first transformation,I can honestly
say it changed my life forever!

It gave me the confidence to go after things in life that I might
never had attempted had it not been for the confidence that came
when I added that amount of muscle to my body.

Getting the girl I had wanted, getting the home and job I wanted,
receiving my certification, launching my Bones To Buff
product and then winning my very first fitness model competition.


 (My girlfriend and me a couple of years ago at a horse race in Florida…oh man..she is going to kill me for posting a pic with her in it…lets hope she doesn’t
read my blog hehe…)


I am truly inspired today to see the results that can take place
with added muscle and that extra boost of confidence and I abosultely
love helping people get their as well in their own lives.

Which brings me to one of the most important questions you should
ask yourself if you are tired of being insecure and want to make a change…

Why is it that you want to gain muscle anyways?

Can you answer that honestly?


I can tell you right now that if you want to increase your chances of building muscle and making a positive change in your life then you need to ask yourself this question over and over.

Some people go about it all the wrong way.

You need to clearly define all the reasons why you train and why it is important to gain muscle.

If you do this, you will be one of the few who takes this seriously and I can almost guarantee you will get to where you want to be! It is really only a matter of time.

Most people just want a simple solution to building muscle.

They want a pill that will make them gain muscle without having to work for it…but what does that say about their character?

They just want a shortcut but its because they are not serious enough about their goals. It seems that ignorance is bliss with some people but the good news is that not everyone is like this.

Sure, there are easier ways and shortcuts, which I have no problem sharing with you, but the difference between successful transformations and un-succesful ones is the DESIRE to want to change.

Your answer will change over time as well.


When I was just starting out training back when I was 17, I wanted to build muscle to get girls…c’mon let’s face it, alot of us have that reason :)


But then, when I went to college, I wanted to gain muscle and get big because I felt insecure about myself because of my size.

As the year’s progressed and I continued to make gain’s and change my reason’s for going to the gym, I grew not only physically but I developped more confidence to talk to girls, go after the things I wanted and I became the person I had wanted to be.

I still think (and know) I have things to work on in the gym and with my body as well as in area’s outside of the gym, but I am also a lot further ahead in the area’s where I used to feel behind in.

The point is, the deeper and stronger reasoning behind wanted to gain muscle as a skinny guy or anyone for that matter, the more consitent you will be and the more likely you will continue to train and incorporate fitness as a lifestyle.

Think of a set of stairs and imagine your ideal self at the top of those stairs.

Well by making a plan, setting a goal and achieving what you set out to accomplish, you have just built one step towards your big target.

Then you continue doing the same, building steps, and this will result in bigger goals and much better results. You will consistently become a better person which will translate in all areas of your life.


When I first started training, I had no intention of becoming a Champion Fitness Model, writing a book or any other of the many successes I have
achieved today (sorry for the shameless self promotion :) …but I started small and built up.

With every step of the way, you will become more confident in your ability to do that much more the next time you set out to accomplish something whether it be an extra 20lbs on your bench press or an extra 10lbs of muscle.

Now I turn it over to you…

What is your #1 reason why you want to gain muscle?

Be as detailed as you like! Tell your story!



 …To leave your story in the COMMENT box below :)

Look forward to hearing from everyone.



209 Responses to “Why Do You Want Muscle?”
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