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Week 4: Episode 6 – Heavy Weights, Big Truck and a Ride on a Harley!

May 30, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 1 Comment 

So, I woke up this morning, stumbled to the bathroom as I was
still half asleep from the night before (got in a bit later after watching the UFC
last night) and I stepped on the scale and…

10lbs heavier since starting only 4 weeks ago!

That woke me up! lol

I decided to rest today as I have been training hard and I felt like I needed
to give my body a break before hitting it again this week for the final
training week of the 5 week cycle.

I plan on gaining an additonal 2lbs over the course of this week
so needless to say I will be busting my a** at the gym and eating big (but still clean).

Here is what week 4 consisted of:

- Muscle Building Workout – Back Exercise – Heavy Deadlifts
- Muscle Building Workout – Bicep Exercise – Straight Barbell Curl
- Muscle Building Workout – Tips, Advice and Exercise Demonstrations
- Big Truck and a Harley Davidson???
(you will see what I mean in the videos!)

In this video I will share with you the best practices to perform when doing heavy deadlifts
to develop strength and muscle mass in all areas of your back.

Check out the video to see the Back Workout that is featured in Week 4 of Bones To Buff.

After watching that video, be sure to check out some killer bicep exercises that will leave
you feeling sore from just watching it! (kidding or course…but good set nonetheless)

This Bicep Exercise is also included in the same training day as the Back Exercises.

Check out the last set that I do when finishing up on my Biceps! Got to work the GUNZ!

Bicep Workout and My Harley!

Well I hope you enjoyed the videos.

Dont forget, if you liked the videos, be sure to give them a good rating on Youtube :)

Let me know what you thought?

Do you have any gym stories to share with the other fellow Bones to Buffer’s?

Alright, Week 5 now…wish me luck!



One Response to “Week 4: Episode 6 – Heavy Weights, Big Truck and a Ride on a Harley!”
  1. Jim M. Jim M. says:

    Really decent post… I love it. Keep ‘em coming… :)

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