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Bones To Buff 5 Week Transformation – Final Results

June 10, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 204 Comments 

Last week marked the final week
of my 5 Week Video transformation using
the Bones To Buff program.

Now it could be that because of my competition,
I was still highly motivated from the win,
and that is the reason I had made such
great progress, but I can’t dismiss the power
of the program itself.

I gained a total of 12-13lbs of lean muscle
over the 5 weeks.

I weighed in before taking a much needed rest
from the gym and headed out for a 4 day wilderness
adventure run with my dad and brother in law.

Before leaving for the trip, I took the time
to record my final workout where I trained shoulders,
gave some effective tips on how to properly overload
the muscles and I got footage of my weigh in.

This week was a two part series, Episode 7 and 8.

Episode 7 – Force Production Overload Method Explained

Week 5 of the Bones To Buff Program is all about
making progressions in your workouts and you will use
a method I invented called “Forced Production Overloading”.

I explain it more thoroughly in Episode 7.

A brief overvier of Week 5 and the FPO methods:

There are 3 different Force Production Overload Methods
to choose from in Week 5.

Each FPO allows you to make progress by choosing either
a strength, conditioning or endurance progression.

Each of these progressions will be the reasons your muscle
will respond and grow larger in this fifth and final week.

In Episode 8, I chose to show you an ‘Endurance’ progression
using a variation of an isolation progression.

I also have video footage of my weigh in! No tricks…

Episode 8 – Endurance FPO Training and Final Weigh In

I hope you enjoyed the workouts and the tips given.

I want to turn it over to you now…

What is your #1 question about building muscle?

Leave a comment :)



204 Responses to “Bones To Buff 5 Week Transformation – Final Results”
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