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Six Pack Training – Top 3 Exercises For Abdominals

August 2, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 4 Comments 

In this six pack abdominal training video, I will show you the top 3 exercises to build a great six pack.

These are the exercises I am currently doing to get ready for a photoshoot but they are also great to include in any program you are following to gain muscle.

Try to incoporate this routine at least 3 times per week on your off days.


Here is the list of exercises:

Hanging Leg Raises
3 Sets of 15-20

Cable Crunches
3 Sets of 15-20

Abdominal Side Twists (seated)
3 Sets of 30

Complete the circuit without any rest between the exercises.

Only rest after completing the three exercises.

Rest for no longer than 60-90 seconds before repeating the circuit.

If you have never used these exercises or completed this many reps, be sure to start off with less reps and less total sets.

Work your way up to this amount over weeks or a month. Do not rush. Simply progress until you can complete the exercise description as listed above.

If ever hanging leg raises are too difficult, start off with lying leg raises, then decline leg raises and then once your ready, you can start on hanging leg raises.

Another variation for the hanging leg raises is if you have a leg raise apparatus that allows you to hold your body in position by resting your elbows on pads.

For more information on building muscle, burning fat and everything related to health and fitness, be sure to stay up to date right here at my blog :)


4 Responses to “Six Pack Training – Top 3 Exercises For Abdominals”
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