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Biceps Workout – Biceps Superset Training

August 5, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 209 Comments 

In this biceps exercise video, I am going to show you how to incorporate superset training to work your bicep muscles.

The exercises will still work your overall arm including forearms, but the majority of the stress will be placed n the biceps.

Most people struggle to make gains in this area because of many reasons.

One reason is people go too heavy when lifting which doesn’t place the stress on the biceps as much. 

Using momentum to swing the weight up does not do anything for building bigger biceps.

In order to build the biceps, you need to be including a combination of the right exercises as well as different training styles

This video demonstrates how to utilize superset training using the Barbell Bicep Curl and the Standing Cable Bicep Curls.


You can also use different variations such as replacing the Barbell curl with an Dumbell Curl.

Essentially, what you want to do, is get setup first.

Get the barbell setup with the weight you need, then setup the cable machine with two handles at about the height of your head.

Start by doing 8-10 barbell curls, then immediately after fininshing your set, begin performing standing cable bicep curls.

The advantage to performing a superset is that you will pre-fatigue the muscle using a compound exercise then you will further fatigue slower twitch muscle fibers with an isolation exercises in your pre-fatigued state.

Including a bicep superset in your next biceps workout will help you build a bigger biceps in no time.

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209 Responses to “Biceps Workout – Biceps Superset Training”
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