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New Photoshoot and FREE Fat Loss Report

August 11, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 13 Comments 

You may or may not already be aware, I have been approached by a top bodybuilder to be featured in his book as the main male fitness model to demonstrate the posing and quarter turns as I did in competition.

If you want to learn more about my competition, you can check out this blog post that I did back in April 2010.

=> FAME Centrals Championships

By the way, one of the head judges from the competition is actually the same guy who asked me about being featured in his book. Needless to say he must have liked what I did as I also won the competition.

But anyways, the point is I have had to turn things around rather quickly to switch from muscle building to extreme fat loss.

I only had 2 1/2 weeks notice from the call to the photoshoot. Now its not that I have been binge eating on pizza and going on all night benders with the boys and letting my body go completely, but let’s just say, after the competition in April, I definetly let go a little bit after being so strict for so long.

I enjoyed cheat meals again, ate peanut butter by the jar, enjoyed some ice cold refreshments and of course, while I did gain muscle during my training since the competition, it is always accompanied with water weight and a small percentage of fat.

That is to be expected and I dont stress over it. You can’t maintain contest conditioning year round. Its nearly impossible, not healthy and in my opinion, not worth it! Way too much effort.

Fitness is a big part of my life, but its not the only thing in my life.

So after getting the call and deciding I was going to go through with the photoshoot, I have had to since step up my training, add in some cardio and cut my calories to fat loss intake.

I also had to add in more ab work to work on conditioning.

I brought the camera in the gym the other day.

Check out the video below for a Fat Loss Workout specifically for developping Six Pack Abs.


I wont lie and tell you that its super easy to do this because it wasnt. Its hard to turn things around quickly. Normally, I would spend about a month, slowly dropping my calories and slowly adding in cardio.

Not this time.

I had to do everything drastically because I only had a small amount of time to prepare. I am expecting a big rebound from this but thats ok because there was no other way.

I also wanted to share a quick progression picture below.

The first picture was taken the day I decided to commit to doing the photoshoot and the second pic was take yesterday (exactly 2 weeks after starting to cut down).

what do you think?

 Before and After

I will post another picture in the coming week to show you the big changes that happen when i carb up tomorrow and friday as well as shave and get my tan on.

Seriously, the difference is night and day between now (3 days before the shoot) and saturday (day of the shoot).

I had my last Fat Loss Workout this morning and after depleting carbs for the past 7 days, finding energy was pretty tough, but I got through it and I am looking forward to enjoying a nice High Glycemic Bagel tomorrow morning with some jam to start replenishing glycogen levels.

Ill keep everyone up to date about the photoshoot and of course, when i get pictures back, I will post those as well.

And since I am preparing to look my best yet again on this Saturday, I wanted to share with you a report I did on “The Top 5 Ways To Look Your Abosulte Best and Get Noticed”.

This report covers 5 important factors to looking your best whether it be on stage or just for a day on the beach.

Very valuable information that I want you to take a read through.

Click here for this Fat Loss Report.

The Top 5 Tactics Report – Aug 11 2010.pdf (Download Link) *Right Click Save Target As

ok that is it for today, Im off now to go and cook my food for tomorrow and maybe take a nap :)

Talk soon,



13 Responses to “New Photoshoot and FREE Fat Loss Report”
  1. Brian Brian says:

    Thanks for the video. I’m always impressed with your very strict form and advice to actually think about what muscle you’re supposed to be working – there’s nothing more annoying that watching someone belting out a set of something at the gym with poor form.

  2. Joey Vaillancourt Joey Vaillancourt says:

    Thanks Brian. Happy to hear you take the mind muscle connection seriously. I do lift and perform more xplosive movements, but its all relative to my training. But I know who you are referring to when you say they are lifting too fast :)

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