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Muscle Building Transformation

August 29, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 5 Comments 

He is a killer alright…Killer in the RING!!

Today, I wanted to share a special story I received not too long ago from a customer and friend of mine. His name is Matt Sicard and we have been friends since we were children. Heck, we were like brothers and he was pretty much my best friend up till college.

(Matt and I Celebrating the Annual Shawville Fair Last Year)

Recently we got back in contact and he learned of all the changes I made in my life and learned that I had started personal training, online consulting and competing in fitness competitions. I also learned that he had began competing in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We ended up getting together every week to watch the Ultimate Fight Show on SPIKE TV.

After about a year since we got back in contact, Matt informed me that he just received word he would be getting ready for his first official amature fight in the octagon!! Ok, well it wasn’t the realy octagon, but it was a local fight and it meant a lot to him and he was really motivated to get in even better conditioning and gain muscle before the fight.

I told him he should try my Bones To Buff program as it worked both on muscle building and conditioning factors. Since he was a good friend I also let him have the program at no charge and I also offered him supplementation advice and to be his go-to guy for quick answer to questions he might have regarding anything about the program or other questions in general.

I knew Matt would succeed right from the start and not just because I knew that he was a man of his word, but also because he was HIGHLY motivated to win his fight. I enjoy working with people who are serious about their goals. He didn’t ask for the easy way out, he always asked questions and accepted the answer no matter how hard he would have to work.

Matt consulted the Bones To Buff program on how to pick the right supplements, how to structure his workouts and everything else he needed to know.

The only difference was that I modified the program to fit his needs a little more as he wanted to lose a bit of fat as well as gain muscle which after about 8 weeks he did both.

That is one of the reasons why Matt didn’t gain 10lbs in 5 weeks. It was because he was focusing on a little more cardio and fat loss as well as building lean muscle.

Matt did shoot up by 10lbs and had excellent conditioning for the fight as you can see from the photos below.

You see, some friends and I attended his fight to support him on his big night and we had a blast. There was high energy, loud music, good company and everyone was in killer shape.

Check out Matt’s fight photos:


(Matt is the one in the RED)


(Look out Matt!!)


(It’s all good, as Matt was Victorious)

Matt was the Champ of the night and I was really proud of him!!

It felt good to see that my advice and training plans helped him to achieve HIS goal that night.

Afterwards, Matt emailed me a great testimonial that I would like to share with you right now.

Check out Matt’s before and After pics below:


That picture can now be found on the Official Bones To Buff Website!

Here is what Matt had to say about my training and the Bones To Buff System :)

“Hi my name is Matthew. I’m 24 years old and my passion is Thai Boxing.

I am dedicated to developing my technical skills along with physical strength in order to reach my full potential.

Physical strength and conditioning is vital to success in this sport as it can impact a fighter’s mental preparedness and ultimate performance.

In a relatively short period of time Bones To Buff was able to address and correct all the shortcomings of my previous training program in order to develop a finely tuned sport specific program that was easy to follow.

The program that you designed was very comprehensive and addressed all of my needs for both nutrition and training questions. Every piece of information was very easy to follow and very comprehensive. Furthermore, after reading Bones To Buff , I was better informed about how to choose the right supplements on the market.

I just wanted to say thanks for always being available to answer questions I had and keep me on track as my fight approached.

Ultimately the Bones To Buff principles me with a no-fail approach to getting in the absolute best shape of my life. My endurance and strength are better than they have ever been and my weight is no longer a concern.

The program has left me feeling more energetic throughout the day, leaving me in a better mood. All of this has given me a completely new sense of confidence as a fighter, which will has already proven successful in the ring!!! ”


What a powerful story wouldn’t you agree? Matt even motivated me again to kick it up another notch after I saw just how well he did with the program.

Now it’s your turn. Think you can’t do as well as Matt? Think again!

Matt basically followed the plan as it is right now.

The difference?

Matt DEDICATED himself FULLY and didn’t think of quitting as an option. He just applied the plan and saw results.

That’s the way you need to do it!

If you are ready to get on boad and see the same results Matt saw with his transformation, you owe it to yourself to try Bones To Buff right now.

Click Here If You Want To Gain Muscle

The program is backed by an 8 week guarantee and if you don’t like it after 8 weeks, you are not obligated to keep it and in fact you will be refunded your money.


Here is the catch…If you keep the program and do 1 cycle (5 weeks) or 2 cycles (10 weeks) and you get incredible results (which you will), I will feature you on the site and get you a nice bonus gift as my way of saying thanks.

Check it out today to get a hold of Bones To Buff and start your Muscle Building Transformation.



Oh and be sure to leave a comment for Matt below!! He would love to hear your support :)




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