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4 Powerful Motivation Secrets

September 17, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 4 Comments 

Have you ever had to work really really hard to get something before in your life?

Have you ever spent more than a week working to get it…a month…years?

You can really learn a lot about what something means to you if you reflect back on what you worked hard to achieve and the amount of time you actually put into getting that certain thing.

Of course everyone has a different goal. It could be to become a doctor, land an acting career, become a chef, play in the NHL or NFL.

Now those are a little bit ‘bigger’ dreams.

Some other examples is saving up to buy a house, a guitar, a gift for someone special in your life.

And finally another popular goal people continually strive to achieve is to get in shape, get muscular or lose fat!

I haven’t read any study or researched this, but just as a general observer, it seems like that goal is one of the most popular ones that people have a hard time sticking to their plan and achieving their goals.

Why is that?

I have several theories that I have come up with and Ill share that with you in just a moment, but first, let me share with you one of MY DREAMS that finally came true just a few months ago.

You see, I am a country boy, grew up in a small town and one of my dreams was always to own a BIG BLACK PICKUP Truck!!! I wanted it so I could modify it and put big tires on it, put  a lift kit in it and all that good stuff.. you know the WORKS!

Yes, I had dreamed of that for a loooooong time.

And guess what? It didn’t happen overnight.

For the longest time I drove a green Buick Skylark that was more suited for an older person and although I was grateful for that car for many different reasons, it wasn’t exactly my ‘Dream Car’ you now what I mean?

But, I knew one day I would get the truck I wanted and on that day it would make all those years driving my old car well worth the wait.

Well like I said, I FINALLY got my truck!! See some pictures of the Best Before And After photos ever. Lol





Now, I put some upgrades into it already but it is a long way from where I want it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than satisfied with it, I just want to see it the way I have envisioned it.

That goal wasn’t achieved overnight. I had to work hard, practice patience and plan properly and time it just right.

But in the end, it happened!

Now although I myself don’t have a problem staying motivated about 99% of the time, I know a lot of people have a difficult time with this factor.

That is why I want to share some methods to stay motivated in whatever goal you are working on.

The goal is really not important…it could change from person to person. The Principles stay the same and when practiced properly,  they can deliver great results each time regardless of the goal.

Picture The End Result

It is very important to always picture the end result.

When you are setting out to accomplish something, spend some time thinking WHY you want to do this and how it will FEEL when you actually follow through.

Then create a mental image of how it will look once you achieve that goal.


For me it was a clear picture of the day I would pull up in my hometown’s annual carnival where all my friends and family would be and I would get to share with them my new prized possession.

Having that picture in my head helped get me through some tougher times when I was close to giving up on getting my truck.

But, being able to access that mental image was a big factor in keeping me on track.


Don’t Take No For An Answer

Never allow someone else decide something for you!

This really ticks me off when I hear or see people being affected by others opinions. The only opinion that should count is yours!

Sure it is nice to hear compliments from others, but at the end of the day, ask yourself, are YOU going to be satisfied with your accomplishment even if no one else notices. If you answered yes, then congratulations, that is something that means a great deal to you and it is definitely worthwhile pursuing.

Don’t let anyone discourage you or take away your motivation. If your around people like that try to avoid them. If it’s a significant other, then tell them how it makes you feel and that you would appreciate just not speaking about that particular topic.

Don’t be afraid to fight for something you want.

I had so many people tell me ‘Joey, why do you want a truck? They are so expensive on gas, I really don’t think you should get one”.

Interesting, so I would usually reply back with “Well, I like to hunt, fish and go four-wheeling as well as travel on back-road trails and my girlfriend has a horse trailer she wants to pull to go to horse shows”…and if that wasn’t enough, I would usually end with “Well I could be driving a car I hate and save on gas, or I could spend $500 extra on gas and drive in something I love to drive!!”

The point is, don’t allow others to influence the value you give on things in your life.

A Failure is Only a Failure If You Quit:

A failure is really only a failure if you allow it to be, otherwise, it’s simply a deviation in the path to your ultimate goals. The path might now always be a straight line, but it will lead you to where you want to be the more you decide to keep going!

Here’s the truth, I planned on getting my truck over 3 years ago!! Yes, I thought I would have it back then, but it didn’t happen for one reason or another and although it was disappointing, I never gave up on it and you know what? It’s that much sweeter after waiting so long.

Had I just gave up when I didn’t get it on time, I would never know the joy I do today when I am driving around in my truck.

There will be times when it feels impossible, but just remember, anything worth having is worth the hard work you put into it.

And the even better part, since it is hard, you can feel that much more proud once you achieve it when most people would have just giving up.

Throw Away The Key

Decide to do it then commit to it.

Many times in the past I used to focus on why I could NOT do something but I would never focus on how I COULD do something. I would focus on the obstacles instead of my goals.

The truth is, your mind is always thinking, you can’t stop it! So if you have no choice but to think, why not think about positives instead of negatives?

Think about the goal and the plan and how you want things to work out.

Now, I realize that bad things can still happen even if thinking positive, but the fact is, you will feel much better if you stay positive. You will have more energy and that energy will be well served towards working towards your goals.

Just as an example, I got a call about 2 months ago about a photoshoot request. Now I was in decent shape, but I was not photoshoot ready!

I had two weeks to prepare and shed fat at the fastest rate I ever did in the past.

I could have said that it was too and not have tried, but I decided LETS DO IT!

I emailed him back within the day and accepted the shoot.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it, I just knew I was going to do it no matter what.

Sure I knew about the consequences if it didn’t happen and the troubles I might encounter but I didn’t focus on them.

Instead I focused on working my butt off and making it happen.

The result?

Before and After (2 Weeks)

Day Of  The Shoot Photos

33508_10150250681275506_62807765505_14119116_5927282_n WALLG10G-230


Now I can already hear some of you saying that somethings are just impossible to do…like losing 40lbs of muscle in a day or gaining 15 lbs in 3 days.

Obviously, logic has to play a part in the equation and some common sense. But don’t limit yourself to much.

Don’t be shy to play around with some ideas that might be on the edge of impossible either.

But the fact is, the majority of the goals out there are 100% do-able and CAN be done if you start following the above principles.

I’d love to hear about your accomplishments or what you plan on accomplishing in the near future!

Leave a comment.


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4 Responses to “4 Powerful Motivation Secrets”
  1. Dave Ruel Dave Ruel says:

    Great article bro!!! but the skylark will be missed…..NOT ;)

  2. Joey Vaillancourt Joey Vaillancourt says:

    @Dave Ruel – Thanks Dave! I promise, the next trip to the Dungeon will be a lot smoother!! haha

  3. Michael Francisco Michael Francisco says:

    hey Joey! thanks a bunch for the article, I actually was a bit scared for the future until I read this article and made me ease down a bit, because i’m in between a rock and hard-place with what I want to do in my life as a career… But, your right. Most of the time, you gotta look at the glass half full, not half-empty. anyway, my goals are that I want to get an amazing physique, just like you, also become a personal trainer and a fitness model, and hopefully one day to become a famous movie star actor. Yes they are BIG goals and dreams… If I keep working on them, atleast I can say I tried ;) thanks again Joey.

  4. Joey Vaillancourt Joey Vaillancourt says:

    @Michael Francisco – Hi Michael, Thanks for the compliment and glad you found it helpful. You have a great perspective on things and with by keeping a positive attitude, you will surely reach your goals man.

    All the best

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