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Fat Loss Workout To Bust A Plateau

September 28, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 3 Comments 

In this video I’m going to demonstrate how to perform high intensity interval training using a circuit type of training style.

Time and time again I have use this method to overcome a plateau in my fat loss results as well as incorporated it into my muscle building phases just a switch things up every now and then.

The concept is pretty simple, and only involves a few key tips to apply.

Essentially, all you will be doing is performing 1 minute high intensity cardio exercises in between your weight training sets.

These will be very high intensity workouts that will really trigger your metabolism.

Simply perform your regular workout but instead of resting in between sets, you will perform a 60 second sprint either on a bike, treadmill, skipping rope or any other cardio activity that can be performed at a high intensity for roughly 60 SEC.

Make sure to adjust your weights accordingly because performing the in between cardio sprints will cut into your ability to lift the same weight that you normally would if you had not included the sprints.

Take it slow and ease into this workout and be sure to pace yourself as it will be very difficult.

If you have not reached a plateau or if you’re relatively new to weight training I would highly recommend skipping this particular tip until you have advanced further into your routine.

This workout will leave you gasping for breath but it will also produce new and amazing results.


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