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The Death Of Bulking (Free Report)

January 9, 2011 by Joey Vaillancourt · 2 Comments 

(Yawn) oh man, Sunday morning gets here quick after preparing our house to be put on the market next week to sell…and only sleeping 4 hours!

If you have some free time and want to brain food for muscle building information then check out this free report I got from some buddies of mine.

Normally you have to enter your email, but I wanted to eliminate this step for you so you could just get direct access…and Vince and Lee agreed.

Get it now before it gets pulled down soon.

Fred Download (pdf) 

I’ll be honest, the report is REALLY good. 

One of the better one’s I have seen in a while and it’s full of information you can use right away regardless of what program you are using right now.

I am even currently using the 21 Day Fast Mass Building  program to build muscle while keeping my fat levels low to prepare for a BIG  competition next fall 2011.

In the report you can learn about:

-          The exact meal plan my buddy Vince used to get from 214 to 227 in 21 days

-          5 key actions he took to get these results (pg 12-13)

-          Advanced explanations of how muscle is made (scientific and textbook…no fluff)

-          A REALLY embarrassing photo of ‘Skinny-Vinny’ sorry Vince!

-          The supplements that he used to get his BEST results on this cycle

This was the same program that I was using after my last photoshoot and I ended up gaining 14.2lbs of lean mass in 42 days.

 Before and after

You will definitely want to read this report.

Get a coffee ready (or protein shake) and sit down and get ready to be blown away. I promise.

The Death Of Bulking (Free Report .pdf) – Download Link

(Right Click, Save Target As)


PS. This week is all about YOU! I have some exciting things going on and I want to share ALL of them with you if you let me?

Come along for the ride as I reveal my NEW program being released soon (not for sale yet) and watch entertaining videos, more free reports, personal stories and access to a personal muscle building coaching call with 3 other fitness authorities.

Details coming soon…


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