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21 Day Fast Mass Interview Replay

January 11, 2011 by Joey Vaillancourt · 3 Comments 

21 Day Fast Mass Building

Last night I had the privilege to talk with three of the most respected fitness coaches online today and just in case you missed last night’s call, I managed to get the replay and it is now posted on my below so you can go ahead and listen to it again.

No one else is offering this interview, so be sure to take advantage since I went out of my way to organize this for YOU :)

Click Play to Listen In!

Now, the reason I had these three guys on the call was because I wanted to get the INSIDE information about the science and theory behind their new 21 Day Fast Mass Building program.

I wanted them to explain how the program worked at solving one of the hardest problems in body transformation which is the ability to gain substantial muscle mass without piling on a bunch of fat at the same time.

The interview covered many popular questions like:

- How to cycle your training to gain ONLY muscle and keep fat off

- Why traditional BULKING is a thing of the past (new method revealed)

- A closely guarded secret bodybuilder’s have been using time after time to gain NEW muscle (AAE Technique)

- The EXACT number of days it takes for your body to become less effective at metabolizing a caloric surplus (IE. Stores fat!) and how to avoid it with 1 simple trick

- Training methods to lose fat vs. training methods to GAIN muscle (important!)

We also dove deep into the science behind the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program.


Oh, and just in case you missed it this Sunday, I am offering two of their private free reports (only previously offered in exchange for email). Download both of them today and get informed on this KILLER new 21 Day Cycle program to gain muscle and keep the fat OFF.


The Anabolic Amplifier Effect.pdf (download link)


The Death of Bulking.pdf (download link)

Also, just wanted to remind you that the $60 off sale is still on but the price will be going back up on Friday after midnight.

Not only that, but Insane Muscle Assault, the new 5 Day DVD Workout Series by Dave Ruel and I, will no longer be available as a BONUS on Friday. In fact, it goes on sale next week for $47 and that is where it’s going to stay.

Here’s your chance to get a BOAT load of workouts, discounts and the HOTTEST new muscle building program on the market today that allowed me to climp up an additional 14.2lbs of muscular bodyweight in 42 days.

This is your chance…only 2 days left to take ACTION!

21 Day Fast Mass Building

Deadline is Thursday
January 13th 2010 at Midnight EST

IMA for free


3 Responses to “21 Day Fast Mass Interview Replay”
  1. I am happy that people like you talk about these health issues! Good work!

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