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My Official FIRST Magazine Appearance

March 29, 2011 by Joey Vaillancourt · 289 Comments 

This past Sunday started like any other day until I discovered something…

I got an email from a friend who snapped a quick pic of a page of a Magazine called Sweat Equity, you know, the same mag I shot for back in November?

At first, I didn’t think much of it until I realized it was my photo and article that made it in the magazine. How cool is that?

Sure, I shot with them in November alongside a big name in the fitness industry but there was NO guarantee that I would actually make the cut and get in .

But I did, and this was my first MAGAZINE feature and it felt great!

It’s got me super motivated to continue challenging myself and chasing bigger goals in the coming year including possibly competing at a bigger competition next fall. But that is still undecided as I am totally SWAMPED with things like moving, starting a new business building a gym and many more things.

Now, I received quite a few additional emails since people have seen the magazine feature and I wanted to quickly give you a recap of how I got ready for this shoot

It was pretty simple actually…

Secrets that Got Me in my first Magazine Feature

1. I set a goal that I wanted to get in a magazine this year

I know that it might sound hard to actually do, but I made that goal relevant to where I was at in my experience in the industry, training and my contacts.

A few years ago, I would have never made a goal like that since it wasn’t as attainable at the time. Set goals that will force you to make big leaps but at the same time are achievable basedon your level in the game.
I gained quite a bit of muscle mass and used it to my advantage before starting into my cutting plan.

It’s all about building STEPS to success.

2. I put on weight in anticipation of cutting back down with more muscle.

Click HereI only learned of the photoshoot opportunity about 8 weeks before the actual shoot and since I was already pretty ripped, I decided to add some mass using Bones To Buff for the first 4 weeks.

3. During my cutting plan, I basically used a proven method that always gets me ripped only this time I began using some recipes from one of my friend’s yet to be released fat loss recipe books, Metabolic Cooking (check your emails next week!!)

These recipes (not released yet) were one of my secret weapons in shedding the fat this time around while staying SANE!

You see, I don’t normally cheat when cutting…not because I can’t but just because I don’t like messes with my mental state and I like to keep everything calculated (personal preference).

But, Metabolic Cooking allowed me to include a variety of foods that I would throw in every other day to keep things ‘fresh’.

Thanks to The Muscle Cook for my advanced copy of his book.

4. I used a very intensive 7 day prep plan during the final week to get into photoshoot shape.

I use this 7 day plan every time I do a shoot or a show and everytime, it brings out my absolute BEST body…I’m talking ripped abs, tight skin, big pumps and veins popping!! Oh yeah!

It deals with water manipulation, sodium loading and depletions, card loading, supplements to pull temporarily store more glycogen and make everything come together for one BIG day!

Kinda complicated stuff that I have come to understand from trial and error and from learning from others but…

I actually just finished reviewing a product which is a really Done For You type of program called Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer and besides being a great muscle building plan, it basically has software program that determines a 7 Day prep FOR You. You just plug in your info and it spits out a 7 day plan for you to follow and it covers EVERYTHING you need to know.
This is something I plan to design one day and sell myself, but since I haven’t completed it, and I know his program is legit, it might be something you want to check out.

The Muscle Maximizer 7 Day Photoshoot Plan [Software that Generates your plan automatically]

5. Probably the best part of getting ready for a shoot it the REBOUND!

After a week of shooting for Inside Fitness, Sweat Equity and other shoots, my friend and I decided to indulge a bit…OK, maybe a LOT!

I spent the good part of the next 3 weeks testing a new program that uses the Re-Bound period post-photoshoot to build muscle maximizing on the anabolic effects of insulin sensitivity.


And you may recall that I gained 10lbs in the first 21 days, then gained another 4.2lbs in the following 3 week cycle.

This is by far my FAVORITE phase…Re-bounding. And I thought it was pretty cool that my fellow fitness experts came up with a cycle program to replicate that phase again and again with their 21 Day Fast Mass Building program.

All in all, this was a BIG achievement for me and it is one that has made me set my sights on one day landing a cover…

Hey, it could happen :-)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have congratulated me and listed me as a form of inspiration…

Your kind words never go un-noticed. Thank you.

Hope you continue on this journey with me and I trust my info will help you reach many of your fitness goals too!



289 Responses to “My Official FIRST Magazine Appearance”
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