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The Last 5 Months! Building my Business and Body

September 11, 2011 by Joey Vaillancourt · 203 Comments 

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past 5 months! After all, I really only and did a few blog posts lately and I have not been as involved with training. So I wanted to just do a quick “where the hell have I been for the past 5 months” post! :)


Some of you may know, my girlfriend and I recently purchased a dream property with a horse training facility. Here is a quick pic of a portion of the 30 acre property!

We now have 5 employees, a barn that is 3/4 full (which is the amount we want to stop at), a full dog boarding facility and there is so much else going on.

Also, I quit my full time job not too long ago to finally be able to work from home full time on the fitness side of things. It’s been great and in future posts I want to share with you some of the big life lessons I have learned over the past 5 months. And YES it is possible to learn a lot in that little amount of time.

The biggest thing I have learned is that there is alot more to life than just fitness. I mean dont get me wrong about things, I still train hard, eat clean and follow a schedule but guess what…if I miss a meal now, I dont panic! If I am a bit too tired from a workout, I might skip a day without stressing out! and if I feel like having a nice drink with family or friends, I DO it! Without feeling guilty. And you know the best part? I still stay in decent shape, still have slight ab definition and I am probably much more fun to be around now :) and I am enjoying life in every regard. Here’s on of my latest progress pics…not too bad for no more cardio and being much more flexible with my nutrition.

good enough

Before I used to stress about everything and I would always pick an extreme to fitness…to the point that it was no longer fun. But I realized, letting go is a great thing. I choose to follow my schedule now and my schedule does not rule me. I’ve had more fun in the past 5 months and than I probably have had in the past 3 years while always being strict.

Oh and did I mention, on top of working from home (or from anywhere in the world for that matter) I am also building my own private training facility on my own property? That’s right! I designed the entire facility myself…it’s really only for my own training and 1 on 1 client training…its not a big gym like the chain gyms….its just for personal use without having to deal with the downsides to most big gyms.

Plus, I have always wanted to build my own gym! And I mean I am actually building it from the ground up! Myself, and a lot of help from my dad and brother in law. How cool is that? I get to build this gym while spending time with family while doing it. It’s been great.

We just put up the third wall over the weekend, but here is an older pic when we just finished the steel structure.

gym_working progress

Out of everything that has happened  over the past 5 months (or for that matter, the last two years) the most important thing I learned is to continually get out of your comfort zone with the intent to constantly improve on your own life and the one’s you care about.

Small steps and changes can go a long way in changing your body, your life and your perspective on things.

Is it tough? You bet! Is it hard sometimes to keep pushing through, Yes! But is it worth it after the dust settles…ALWAYS.

And although competition and attaining a few other goals have been postponed, some other goals have been accomplished that I am forever grateful for and proud of to this day….

Oh and I know it’s not really ‘Fitness’ related, I wanted to share another thing I did this past summer that I wanted to do all my life! Enter a truck pull in my local hometown annual fair. Check it out! Oh, and dont mind my proud mother cheering in the first video clip :) She was just a little more excited than anyone else! hahaha

What did you guys think? Leave a comment below :)


203 Responses to “The Last 5 Months! Building my Business and Body”
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