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MI40 – How is MI40 different than every other muscle program?

Aside from Ben’s trademark technique Intentions from his MI40 program and the science behind the number 40 (we can explain why 40 is scientifically optimally for every variable above), we have…. NOS! I’ll let Ben explain NOS to you… Join the NOS revolution: For years, I had been searching for the best way to overload my muscles each and every time I go in the gym. I know you can relate to those... [Read more]

MI40 – The #1 Determining Factor To Build Muscle

I have a special guess post from an icon in the fitness industry today, Mr. Ben Pakulski from the MI40 program just released this week. He discusses the #1 way to build muscle and this is derived specifically from the MI40 program he is famous for. MI40 – The #1 Determining Factor To Build Muscle Question: Ben, please identify the number one training mistake that would be preventing individuals... [Read more]

MI40 – My Personal 40 Day Transformation

As some of you may be aware, I recently was again subjected to a test group for a new program, MI40. MI40 is an advanced bodybuilding plan written and designed by a HUGE icon in the industry, the Pak-Man, Ben Pakulski. I was honored to be selected and featured on their success stories page. I also got personalize advice from Ben himself and he delivered BIG time. I thought I would show you an in depth... [Read more]

10 RENEGADE Beliefs of Vince Gironda

Hey, I have an awesome article to share with you today that has to do with 10 Renegade rules to follow for better muscle gains…check it out below! 10 RENEGADE Beliefs of Vince Gironda by Mike Westerdal of Vince Gironda is one of bodybuilding’s pioneers. In fact many call him the father of bodybuilding. His roots go all the way back to the mid-1900s, when he opened his own... [Read more]

The Last 5 Months! Building my Business and Body

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past 5 months! After all, I really only and did a few blog posts lately and I have not been as involved with training. So I wanted to just do a quick “where the hell have I been for the past 5 months” post! Some of you may know, my girlfriend and I recently purchased a dream property with a horse training facility. Here is a quick... [Read more]

Muscle Building – Uneven Development Correction Tips

Probably not the first concern you might have when it comes to muscle building but eventually uneven muscular developments may begin to appear and when they do, it is time to take action. Of course the real cure is to perform preventative exercises to make sure this never happens but if it does (and like most it will) then it is time to try and correct these imbalances using some proven techniques. Check... [Read more]

Chest Exercises – The Top Finishers

 Chest Exercises – The Top Finishers Now filming in my dungeon basement, until the new gym is built, I can do a lot more videos for any requests you might have Today’s video deals with muscle buildng exercises that help finish off a chest workout. Great to include as a final set or an extra set at the end of a workout. Getting the chest to grow is largely contributed to being able to... [Read more]

The X-Factors of Musculature and Size

For sometime before I really knew about muscle building, I was always concerned with my weight. Often time’s people measure a person’s muscularity by weight alone. “Hey, how much do you weigh”? If I had a pound of muscle for every time someone asked me that, I would be the most muscular guy on the planet (which wouldn’t be a bad thing either). This question gets asked so many times by novice... [Read more]

My Official FIRST Magazine Appearance

This past Sunday started like any other day until I discovered something… I got an email from a friend who snapped a quick pic of a page of a Magazine called Sweat Equity, you know, the same mag I shot for back in November? At first, I didn’t think much of it until I realized it was my photo and article that made it in the magazine. How cool is that? Sure, I shot with them in November alongside... [Read more]

My Most Embarrassing Photo and How I Used To Look

Embarrassing This past weekend I was treated to a surprise birthday party organized by Natasha and my family and I got to meet up with old friends and  spent some quality time with people who I enjoy being around. My 25th birthday is yet another one that I will never forget and that is because of the great party and this years accomplishments, but also because of a gift that my mom gave me… After... [Read more]

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