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You comments are the lifeline of this blog! Comment as much as possible

I am here for you. If I wasn’t, I would not have started a blog. I want this to be your home, your resource and your answer for all your muscle building and fat loss questions.

Like I said above, I am here for you, and that means that you have a say. In fact, you have the biggest say in the end. Comment on posts you like or let me know what else interests you. The more I learn about you the more I will know how to better focus the site to benefit you.

We are like a big family here or that is at least the way I want it to feel like. We have a common goal and that should be building the body we deserve. That is why I encourage you to comment because by doing so you will encourage others to do the same.

Also as a ‘family’ it should be important to ‘see’ or at least know who we are talking with. That is why you should sign up for a Gravatar, It’s free and it allows you to set up a profile which can be used on many different blogs and sites out there, most importantly this one. This allows you to comment with your own unique identity and photo of your choice (G-Rated please).

You are going to be here for a long time and I believe this is the best way for everyone to feel comfortable sharing with each other.

There is only a couple of ‘relaxed rules’ I want to cover about posting comments:

1. Respect. This blog should be a resource to those looking to achieve a better body. It should be a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. No one is forcing you to be here and if you do not enjoy the site that is ok. But please be respectful to others and myself while at this resource.

2. Off Topic. When commenting, be sure that the comment/question relates to that specific post. If you have another question that is off topic, please do not comment on that post. You may however visit our Contact Page to follow up with your question. Or you can also search through the blog posts archives on the related question topic.

3. G-Rated. As mentioned before, this is a friendly site and it that means of course no x-rated Gravatar pictures or anything of that nature. Swimsuits and such are allowed, but please be sure they are tasteful and not too provocative.

4. Criticism. We are all here to help one another. I am here for you. So please, when commenting be sure to have ‘constructive’ criticism if any criticism at all. Don’t use profanity or be disrespectful towards others. There is nothing to prove here so leave your ego’s aside.

5. Advertisements. Please take caution when on this site of any kind of blatant promotions of products. Anything resembling any type of SPAM will be deleted and will no longer be welcome to the site.

So let’s keep it clean and tasteful. Try and be helpful as much as you can by commenting on every post. Also, stay up to date with any new comments from other users by checking the box after you comment.

These are just meant to be simple guidelines to follow so everyone’s experience here is beneficial and enjoyable each and every time they arrive at this site.

With that being covered, why not go post your very first comment? The site is setup so that you can easily find a post relating to your topic of interest. Find one that stands out to you and join in on the comment board.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Joey Vaillancourt

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