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Muscle Building Transformation

August 29, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 5 Comments 

He is a killer alright…Killer in the RING!!

Today, I wanted to share a special story I received not too long ago from a customer and friend of mine. His name is Matt Sicard and we have been friends since we were children. Heck, we were like brothers and he was pretty much my best friend up till college.

(Matt and I Celebrating the Annual Shawville Fair Last Year)

Recently we got back…

New Photoshoot and FREE Fat Loss Report

August 11, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 13 Comments 

You may or may not already be aware, I have been approached by a top bodybuilder to be featured in his book as the main male fitness model to demonstrate the posing and quarter turns as I did in competition.

If you want to learn more about my competition, you can check out this blog post that I did back in April 2010.

=> FAME Centrals Championships

By the way, one of the…

Week 3: Episode 5 – Back and Tricep Workout Tips

May 24, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 16 Comments 

I just wrapped up week 3 as of yesterday…two more weeks and I get to find out just how much muscle I actually gained!

So far I have gained about 7lbs of lean muscle mass, which is probably some of the best results I have achieved in a long.

More importantly, these gains have been made without getting ‘Bulky’ which is great because I am in mood to be cutting fat again for…

5 Week Transformation: Week 2 – Episode 4

May 17, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 33 Comments 

In Week 2, I did two episodes. I did a video of my shoulder training workout in episode 3 and in this episode, I explain the major benefits of doing early morning cardio while trying to build muscle and give you the training protocols to follow to optimize your muscle gain.

I will also share with you my top supplements including the best protein powder and other supplements for protecting against muscle loss during…

5 Week Transformation: Week 2 – Episode 3

May 17, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 5 Comments 

In this week’s episose, learn about the specific training phase of week 2 in the Bones To Buff Program.


Be sure to let me know what you think of the video and if there is a specific bodypart you would like to see trained, just leave a comment :)


Step Away From The Chicken!

May 11, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 9 Comments 

I thought today I would share with you a story about something that happened to me about 2 months ago, while I was preparing for my competition.

First, I want to let you know that I am a proud uncle of two adorable nephews, Keegun and Kolton.

This is a picture of them below.

Keegun And Kolton

Of course, being there uncle, I do my best to be a good role model, and I try to…

My Next 5 Week Transformation Using Bones To Buff

May 1, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 25 Comments 

Hey Everyone,

Its the weekend and I have some exciting news for you…

But first…

Hopefully you all had a very positive fulfilling week and now you can let go a bit an enjoy some much deserved time off.

I know I am…well maybe a little bit of work :)

I appologize for not updating the site as much over the last few weeks, but the competition set me back a bit and I needed…

2010 FAME Centrals Fitness Model Champ!

April 21, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 30 Comments 

Well it is all over now!

About 8 months ago I took it upon myself to make the decision to compete in my first fitness model competition. I didn’t know which one I was going to pick exactly.

(Im the one in the center :) )

Higher quality pictures and video will be loaded in the near future. These were taken on a cell phone camera so the quality is a bit low.

I didn’t…

2 Days before FAME Centrals – 3% Bodyfat and Reflections…

April 15, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 2 Comments 

Hey Everyone!

Well this is it…SHOWDAY.

Ok well its not officially until Saturday April 17th (this weekend at the FAME Centrals Championships but it is very close.

I finished my last workout on Wednesday morning and started to carb load immediately after and that meal was SOO GOOD!

I also had my body composisition taken on Tuesday just to see where I was at for my own records and I found out I was sitting…

Final Week Training Video and 2 FREE Recipes

April 11, 2010 by Joey Vaillancourt · 24 Comments 

Well I am officially less than a week away from the FAME Central Championships today.

I am tired, grumpy, hungry and SOOO looking forward to eating Pizza after stepping off stage..and of course winnning :)

I am such bad cravings right now for every bad food out there.

The funny thing is, I never have cravings for the foods I want right now.

Just a side effect of strict dieting and the fact that my…

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